The Project

  • Success Factor: Networking

    Pooling expertise from three technology sectors: IT and communications, vehicle engineering, and energy management.

    The eBus-Cluster project is focused on developing innovative systems for manufacturers of electric-powered busses to advance electromobility in more sustainable ways.

    • Improve Energy Efficiency of Electric-Powered Busses
    • Redefine Premium Passenger Comfort
    • Enhance Safety
    • Prove the Practical Benefits of taking our experimental vehicle from theory into practice


  • Future of Mobility: Internet of Things

    The success of the eBus-Cluster is guaranteed by the perfecting of interactions between individual systems. For example, each system is cross-linkable via standard interfaces. Thus, increasing the technical performance of eBusses and enabling the preventative maintenance of every component. Simultaneously, eBus-Cluster aims to redefine both comfort and safety.

    Naturally, each system can also be implemented standalone as a solution in a variety of applications.

eBus-Cluster Partners

eBus-Cluster pools a wide-range of competences and experiences from the fields of vehicle engineering, digitalization, and interior design. Together, we develop energy-saving, intelligent systems which serve as sustainable solutions for electric-powered busses. This way, we can all make important contributions to achieve targets set within the eBus-Cluster.

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Solutions developed within the eBus-Cluster have the objective of increasing vehicle efficiencies and can often be utilized to improve safety and comfort for passengers, drivers, and fellow travelers on the road alike.

Data collected in the Internet of Things (IoT) will be processed, evaluated, and transferred electronically by a customized software  solution. The interaction of all eBus-Cluster solutions offers new economic opportunities to OEMs and operators for using eBusses eBusses in even more efficient ways.


Video 1

Hot wire test: How to prevent cable fires?

Video 2

eBus-Cluster: An “INDUS-Förderbank”-Project



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