The Project

  • Factor of Success: Networking

    Through the systematic networking of the three fields of information and communication technology, vehicle engineering and energy Management as well as by bundling our competences as system supplier in the eBus-Cluster we will develop innovative system solution for electric-driven busses. Our offer to bus manufacturers: Integral system solutions from one source.

    Our objective in the eBus-Cluster is, to advance electric mobility in a sustainable way:

    • Increase energy efficiency of electric-driven busses
    • Improving passenger comfort
    • Enhance safety of local public transport vehicles
  • Future of Modern Mobility: Internet of Things

    We develop an intelligent, cross-linked system, which increase the technical capacity of e-busses, enables preventive maintenance of single components and at once offers performance-enhancing comfort and safety.

    Optimum interaction of all individual solutions in the eBus-Cluster guarantees the success. Each solution, developed within the eBus-Cluster can also be applied as an isolated application.

The Partners of eBus-Cluster

The partners of eBus-Cluster bundle their competence and experience in the field of vehicle engineering, digitalization and interior. Together we develop energy-saving, intelligent systems and sustainable solutions for E-Busses. So we all make an important contribution to achieving the objective set within the eBus-Cluster.


All solutions developed within the eBus-Cluster have the key objective to increase the total efficiency of the vehicle. Same time we will improve comfort and safety for the passengers, the drivers and other road users. In the process of the eBus-Cluster it emerged that solutions for energy efficiency often can be used for safety or comfort. All data collected in the Internet of Things can be processed, evaluated and retransfered quickly by our software solutions. The interaction of all solutions of the eBus-Cluster offers new economic opportunities to OEMs and operators for using eBusses for public transportation in an efficient way.
  • Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

    Efficiency enhancement and increased use of renewable energy are the key elements of the turnaround in energy policy and therefore of climate protection. The energy efficiency of bus transport systems can be increased by vehicle-related technical or operational measures. In eBus-Cluster we create solutions, enabling both OEM and operator enhancing energy efficiency of their vehicles significantly.

  • Comfort

    Attractive indoor climate and modern infotainment for driver and passengers meet the demands on modern mobility in public transportation and support safety and efficiency of the vehicle. eBus-Cluster enables a synergetic interplay of all demands and prove that comfort can contribute to safety and performance of the vehicle.

  • Safety

    According to statistics busses are the safest means of transport on German roads. The standards for staff and technique are high. With eBus-Cluster we endeavor to further adjust these standards to the new challenges of e-mobility.

  • Internet of Things

    The term “Internet of Things” means communication in many different facets: from the vehicle, into the vehicle, between the vehicle components, but also between vehicle components and the Internet. For example, the vehicle communicates with dynamic passenger information system at bus stops, components report necessary maintenance to the workshop or the performance of the individual systems in the bus is optimally coordinated with each other.

  • Project management and scientific-technical project support

    For project managment is carried out by Stefan Wetzstein, WS Consulting. The cluster benefits not only from its many years of experience in project management but also from its expert-knowhow in the field of bus construction, construction and development.

    In all these different topics eBus-Cluster can rely on the long-lasting competence in vehicle and drive technology of Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI, Dresden.


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  • Our website is online

    Our website is online.


  • Visit us in Berlin at InnoTrans 2018

    We prove the efficiency of our solutions with our eBus-Cluster test bus at InnoTrans Bus Display from 18 to 21 September 2018